Saturday, April 20 2024

It was a tough treck to the top but after fighting tooth and nail Pumba and Kayfinally scooped the much desired Head of House title! The pair beat their opponents Bongi and Khali in a tightly contested game of football and came out victorious.

With their newly acquired power, the question on the housemate’s minds became who would they be saving from nomination and more importantly who would then be replaced into that dreaded vacant spot.

For now though the housemates will have to sit tight with their concerns as Biggie is yet to officially announce the nominations. However it’ll be interesting to see how Kay and Pumba play this. Will the food frustrations put Mbali and Chelsea in the firing line or will Gino’s error be the final nail in the coffin? Let’s wait and see!


Day 15: No honour among thieves


Food woes dominate diary session

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