Monday, April 22 2024
Age: 26
Hometown: Queenstown
Occupation: Student
Partner: Bexx
Soxx has lived in Port Elizabeth since the age of 2. A Varsity College student who took classes in advertising management, he describes himself as funny, extraordinary and suspensive. He says his role models are Steve Biko, Tupac and comedians because ‘they have shaped my brain to what it is today!’ Soxx believes his friends will describe him as having ‘street cred for days’ and that his family would describe him as ‘naughty and crazy.’ Naming the Bob Marley classic Is This Love as one of his favourite songs, Soxx would love to visit Jamaica. He lists his hobbies as ‘reading and watching stand-up comedy.’ When asked what makes him happy Soxx replies that he makes himself happy because, ‘no one else is in control of my happiness besides myself.’ He entered Big Brother Mzansi because of the prize money and thinks audiences should watch him because, ‘I will be the voice of the underdog.’ A fan of cartoons and The Jerry Springer Show, Soxx says the best advice he’s heard was to ‘keep it real’ from Dave Chapelle. Entered the show with his cousin Bexx.

Housemates: Adams


Housemates: Bexx


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