Tuesday, April 16 2024
After an intense altercation with AceMbali and Chelsea flew into their diary session in tears. Shots had been fired and Mbali was the casualty that got caught in the fray with a bleeding finder and broken nail.
Soon after the first Head of House challenge Mbali and Chelsea soldiered on to Biggie’s Mobile Kitchen stand which had now been replenished with a tasty-looking serving of burger and fries for lunch.
They tried to hide it from them but housemates forced their way through to have a look. Ace had more than a look as he tried to nab a fried chip. He was met with resistance from Mbali and after a tug of war the plaque flew open with a bit of the poor girl’s flesh.
An exchange of harsh words led her and then Chelsea – who wanted to tattle on Ace to Biggie – to tears. In the diary room they laid their souls bare. According to them it was unfair for the housemates to expect them to spend so much of their money on food. They were also no going to be bullied into anything.
Meanwhile outside in the garden, the housemates had lost their will to starve for Mbali and Chelsea’s gain. First it was Adams who stole a portions. He opened up the floodgates as one by one everyone was helping themselves to the solitary, beckoning meal.
This meant that all housemates were legible for a meal since one meal was a meal for all. All that money would come out of Mbali and Chelsea’s prize.
So if Ace steals food, it’s ok coz he’s playing the game BUT if Mbalsea refuse to spend their R10k it’s wrong?
They were defeated when they learned what had unfolded. This simply added fuel to Chelsea’s fire who was determined, now more than ever, never to compromise. Soxx was also available to console as he held their hands and led them in the Lord’s Prayer.

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