Sunday, July 21 2024
It was an eventful day for the housemates and it set the tone for the couple’s diary session later on in the evening. With the Head of House title being won by Pumbaand Kay, and the housemates still starving thanks to Mbali and Chelsea, there was lots to talk about in the diary room.
The sentiments of most of the housemates was joy and acceptance when Biggie asked them about their new Heads of House and they agreed that both Kay and Pumba will probably handle their new role well without stepping on too many toes
The elephant in the (diary) room though was the immense displeasure with Mbali and Chelsea over the ongoing liquid diet and the restricted access to Biggie’s ever-so-tempting mobile kitchen. Ace and Ntombi were particulary vocal about how they felt the girls were being unfairly selfish especially since the amount was “only R10 000.” Kay too felt the entire thing was ridiculous and vowed to steal the girl’s food any chance she got even though Pumba encouraged her not to as it would create enemies for them
Mbali and Chelsea themselves have been shaken but not broken by all the flak they’re receiving about the food situation and continue to hold steady in their quest to salvage as much from their winnings as they possibly can. But the question remains: will they live to regret sticking to their guns? 

Pumba and Kay new HoH


Will it be the greedy girls to get a boot?

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