Monday, April 22 2024

mandlaIt was quite a hard night for Mandla last night as he found it difficult to fall asleep without his vixen, Lexi.

Following her Eviction, Mandla seemed all fine with the curcumstance as it roll and he chatted up a storm with MK in the lounge, even boasting about his love for nudity and how comfortable he is in his birth-suit.

The two guys chatted about everything under the sun; from Lola’s feisty nature to giggling at their own jokes. It is been obvious to anyone that Mandla enjoys walking around topless. Big Brother Mzansi fans have complained about it, commented about it and embraced it.

However, it caught everyone by surprise was seeing the Mandlexi no more and its quite much What no one anticipated was how either half of Mandlexi would survive without the other in the House.

Once the other Housemates had settled in their beds to call it a night, Mandla just lay on his, singing love songs.

If only he knew that it was just a matter of days before being reunited with his ladylove.

However, Biggie is playing his cards very close to his chest at this crucial stage of the game. Mandla will have to remember just how fun it was earlier when he and MK were chuckling over milking cows and de-feathering chickens. The two were actually considering that Biggie should include such Tasks in the House. “If Big Brother would just give us such Immunity Tasks. Say guys should milk and girls should de-feather chickens,” Mandla said, before bursting into a fit of laughter.

MK was already asleep when it all came back to Mandla and sleep was elusive. As if the singing was not enough, Mandla took to a box of tampons and started reading out the instructions. The Lovers Plus condoms were next! Is this part of his game plan or should Biggie be worried now?

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