Friday, July 19 2024
Adams tried to hook up with Chelsea but unfortunately, this time things did not go his way.  Chelsea told him to be honest enough to tell her if he really likes her. Things started heating up when she asked him what he really wants from her and his response was, “I can show you what I want”.  That’s when she told him that he was lucky to be sitting so close to her as she does not normally allow strangers so close to her. Just when he thought his charm was working he got something else he didn’t expect. 
Things became stroppy when Chelsea’s said that he had created a triangle by jumping from one girl’s bed to another. Tiffini and Bexx are not on talking terms because of him and when things are not working for him on the other side, he goes to her.  Chelsea told him that people have been talking, Gino quipped that “Adams thinks he is all that when he is not.”
Poor Adams, visibly deflated, he asked her why she had shared a bed withMatthias if she was not attracted to him and he was not happy with her answer.  Her last words were, “Don’t use me and abuse, if you want to hook up with other girls, don’t do it in front of my face you must show some respect” said the fired up Chelsea.
He left Chelsea alone with his tail between his legs. What will he do, will he continue to try be the “ladies man” or will he focus his attentions on one lady in particular? 

Live Blog Day 4


Thembi and Sox too get a kiss and soft romance

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