Friday, July 19 2024

kateAs the Housemates went on about their daily Sports Task, Biggie’s voice came out loud saying; “Housemates, Statue!”

After a little suspense and wait, a splendidly dressed young lady walked into the House and straight to Loko. O.M.G. It was Loko’s friend of 14 years, Kate.

Kate kissed the comatose Loko and told her how proud she is of her. The urgue to hang on to her long time friend undeniably filled Loko but Biggie had spoken. Not even being reminded of primary school jokes could sway Loko from her game.

It was not until when her friend had exited the House that Biggie had released them that the petite lass broke down. Poolie came to her rescue as she went all about that moment saying, “I wanted to laugh because she said stuff that only us two know about.” She added that the reason her friend showed off her recently-acquired dance moves was because she’s always been stiff. “She’s really hot,” MK chimed in.

Biggie really pulled a fast one on Loko but she proved to be quite tough. If anything, it was the other Housemates who kept mumbling. The last Statue session saw Emmett join the Housemates and it’s clear that the stakes are rocketing.

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