Friday, July 19 2024

paellaAfter a food and culture filled day, the Big Brother Mzansi Housemated were this evening served with more news to do with cultural cuisine. This time, they were to do it Spanish for their third meal and they had to prepare a traditional Spanish paella.

This may come as quite a shock to all of the Housemates but it’s not Biggie’s fault that they took a good three hours for them to make their German lunch of schnitzel and all its accompaniments.

The Housemates were to find all the ingredients they need in the storeroom along with a recipe for this vibrant Spanish supper.

Things got steadily underway as Mandla and Lexi took on the complex recipe with vim and verve.

The dish was cooked in under an hour and appeared to be a huge success as all the Housemates gathered round and tasted the pot of goodness, especially fellow couple Poolie and Loko.

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