Saturday, July 13 2024

couplesHaving created such strong bonds with one another for the past 8 weeks, it would surely be heart-breaking if anything came in between Big Brother Mzansi couples. We are talking about the looming evictions which are posing a great danger for the likes of Poolie-Loko and Mandla-Lexi.

The Poolies have grown to love each other and virtually do everything together, save for the liquor which seems to be Loko’s other bestie. The two have been through a lot including fights over Loko’s drinking habit but that didn’t threaten their relationship in any way, the two just became closer. It’s been the same case with ‘Mandlexi’, the two have shared great fun times together, remember when Mandla donned Lexi’s undies? Now that’s how strong this bond is.

Meanwhile, this week, Poolie, Mandla and Lexi are all up for possible eviction, Poolie’s boot would indeed be a hard one take for Loko, as for ‘Mandlexi’, they seem to be in a very compromising position, a boot to either of them would also change the dynamics of the others game but if they survive till the final day, it will definitely be something to celebrate about.

From the look of things, this week seems to be a very tight one for Mzansi’s couples and we are left wondering how the events will unfold come Sunday.

We can not also help thinking about the fact that two housemates may be booted this Sunday and of course we will all know what that means.

-By-Bigg Mzansi

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