Sunday, April 21 2024
Newbie Emmett is already turning tables in the Big Brother Mzansi house as he took three of the resident ladies on different dates yesterday.

The cutie had the opportunity to have Iris, Loko and Lexi all to himself though as expected, Lexi didn’t like that Biggie had organised something like that and denied them any options.

All the dates seemed to be going well until when Lexi’s turn came, she openly told Emmett that she didn’t buy the idea and actually wanted out, she stressed that she was on a date with him because she had no options and that in actual sense they had nothing to talk about because they had already talked much in the house.

Emmett tried wooing Lexi with weird stories like diving with sharks and all but she was clearly not interested in the date, with time she seemed like she wanted to back out, Emmett told her to do as she pleased and also take the ice-cream to “Mandell”.

At some point, Lexi told him that she wanted to be alone while he (Emm) reminded her that she wasn’t alone but with Mandla, something that she denied, hmmm…

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