Thursday, April 11 2024

nightLast night, the house was on fire courtesy of Lexi’s antics, Poloko’s ‘break-up’, the liquor, altercations to mention but a few.

Lexi seemed to be in the driving seat this time around, she and now close pal Loko  stormed the Jacuzzi  in their hot bikinis and had a good time, the ladies drunk for about an hour after which Lexi excused herself from the Jacuzzi, got hold of a bottle and peed in it!

After that little drama she went back to the Jacuzzi and started drinking again with Loko, a little while later, she had an altercation with Iris courtesy of the jokes the latter was directing to her and for allegedly refusing to wash the dishes. According to a visibly angry Lexi, she told Iris that she was so fed up of her jokes and refusing to wash the dishes.

The mediator of the house; MK came in to try and contain the situation but Lexi told him to mind his own business if at all he didn’t want to have any problems with her. Meanwhile, Poolie also had chat with his beau Loko and expressed his feelings about her drinking problem. “I like the sober Loko not the drunk Loko,” he cried out. But Loko didn’t like the fact that he was telling her how to live her life, with time the chat turned into a heated argument with F-words flying all over the place. The two resolved to sleep in separate beds for the night.

Does this mean that ‘Poloko’ is no more?

-By-Bigg Mzansi

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  1. Loko if only you would please listen. Loko's family should please do something when she leaves the house. The girl drinks too much, I would be concerned too if i was Poolie. He must really love Loko.

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