Thursday, July 18 2024
Following her good performance during the Friday Night Games two nights ago, Kat was finally given her reward. And it’s as amazing as we thought it would be.

Never one to shy away from pampering the truly deserving, Big Brother Mzansi left Kat speechless with the prize reveal. After ordering her to leave the lounge where everyone was gathered, Big Brother finally let the cat out of the bag.

The lass will actually spend the next four days, starting tonight, in Suite 501, where she will enjoy peace and quiet, as well as loads of pampering. Kat will get time away from her fellow Housemates and will not be expected to partake in any Tasks.

Kat will also be given the opportunity to spy on the other Housemates, as they go about their daily business, from the comfort of her new digs. Perfect for refining her strategy, isn’t it? Everyone needs a little time away.

If Sol survives possible Eviction tonight, we wonder if he will be able to cope without her. Over the last few days, he has made it known just how much he wants her. Kat’s absence is bound to kick off speculation about where she disappeared to.

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