Sunday, April 21 2024

During Kat’s Diary Session today, she seemed to be morphed into him, is it because she has been spending too much time with Sol but she’s morphed into him; cue a Sol tirade of epic proportions in her Diary Session.

Apart from her slow release of twisted intellectual property which she will use with lethal accuracy when she returns to the House thanks to some voyeuristic insight, and in between asking Loko if she has actually done the dirty with Poolie, Kat informed Biggie that she was in Room 501 with ‘dumb and dumber’.

While Kat rewound her relationship with Sol to Big Brother, she came to the conclusion that he would be nuts, mental and err, loco if he ever thought that she would drop her knickers for him. If she did, none of her achievements in the House would be remembered, if Sol did, he would be lauded as a hero and a Casanova.

Kat’s frame is shifting, as we hurtle through the Big Brother Mzansi Game, she’s beginning to realise that she needs to start thinking of our she will be received in the outside world when she returns, which means her game is changing and her flirting will be packed neatly in a box and filed with her old love letters.

Then the ammo switched back to Sol with his paradox of “I love you” and “you pale in comparison to my girlfriend” to “you are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen” and back to “I will do anything to save my relationship outside the House”; he’s as unpredictable as Cape Town weather and it’s grating on our Kitty-Kat’s nerves.

Kat continued to explain that his ‘body language’ when snuggled next to her in Room 501’s bed was direct, straight and to the point and she would rather he sleep on the floor; we don’t think it was the cat that curiosity killed. Whatever the case, she’d best put on her big girl clothes because she’s got a few days left with him yet.

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