Thursday, April 11 2024
Is blue and K2 still together or they separated?
This is the common question that most of the Big Brother mzansi fans have been sending to us over the past few weeks and although we have been hesitant to answer it because of lack of real evidence today we are tackling it in form of a discussion .

Well, since Durban July, the Royal couple haven’t shared any of the pics together something that has triggered speculations that the couple might have called it quits. The two hardly spent two weeks minus posting photos of themselves having an ample time but this has taken close to three months minus happening. 
Fans have always asked questions like ” where is your king? and where is your queen?” but the two have always kept mum in such instances.

A month back, K2 bought a new house and the queen didn’t even congratulate or celebrate this achievement with the king and in the same way K2 never congratulated Blue on her Audi purchase.

Last week an episode of ‘Friends Like These’ featuring them aired and there was nothing from them. When you check their fans page, its either blue or K2 but not both and the rest are religious quotes. As fans, it is from this that we can conclude that the two might have part ways or some punishment that the two are giving to the royal fans who stood with them in bad and good.

One of the fans, in a facebook thread admitted that the couple are no more, see photo below:

Honestly as celebrities, its too hard to keep your love affair private, ask Maps and Nomzamo or Pearl Thusi and Robert, fans will always be at you but sadly we haven’t came across any leaked photos of the two lately. 

This article might be quite annoying and dismaying to some of  the royal fans, but don’t you think that the royal couple owes us fans a clear answer?

I am not trying to be conclusive that the two have part ways, but just hinting at the possibility that the two might not be in good terms as before.

Feel free to comment you views


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