Sunday, April 21 2024

gruesomeTime Check; 08:00: Last night, the other half of ‘Poloko’ had a little too much to drink and Poolie expressed his disappointed with his beau. It seems Loko and the bottles are inseparable, what do you think?

Time Check; 08:30: Caz, today’s trainer takes the housemates through some exercises.

Time Check; 08:35: Lexi gives the trainer lip and he is not having it.

Time Check; 09:03: MK and Emmett bond in the garden, they talk about sports. Meanwhile in Suit 501, Sol is enjoying his fav English breakfast.

Time Check; 09:25: Sol talks about his past with Kat while he continues feasting on his breakfast.

Time Check; 09:40: Mandla and Emmett talk music and the former recommends that the latter should invest in South African music and take Afro-pop to Canada.

Time Check; 09:45: It’s Americana time! Housemates start talking in an American accent.

Time Check; 10:33: While Housemates get busy with the cooking, Sol watches on and it seems all that is in his little head is telling him to get to taste whatever they are preparing.

Time Check; 11:00: Iris offers to help out a busy Emmett in the kitchen.

Time Check; 11:16: Emmett lectures Iris about making Maple Syrup, this Syrup is got from Maple trees that grow in Canada.

CanaTime Check; 11:40: Canadian breakfast under-way, it consists of bacon, maple syrup, calories and calories.

Time Check; 12:18: From Suite 501, Sol and Kat are up for a much needed massage.

Time Check; 12:45: The housemates sit down for breakfast, while Lexi complains that the preparations took way too long.

Time Check; 13:50: During his Diary, Emmett shares with Biggie that his date with Lexi last night was a nightmare.

Time Check; 14:22 Emmett gets his spa treatment. He chooses new bestie, MK to join him.

Time Check; 14:54 It’s the lunch Task, the Housemates must still be bursting at the seems from breakfast. Javol, it’s German cuisine.

Time Check; 15:31 Lexi in the Diary Room giving her account of date night.

Time Check; 15:58 Emmett and MK talk Big Brother strategies, Canada versus Mzansi. MK throws his hands up in the air, “please like me, please like me”! Don’t worry MK, we love you!

Time Check; 16:18 Kat in the Diary Room. “Sol has no mute button.” Not sure we would cope being cooped up with him either.

Time Check; 17:50 The Housemates are nearly done preparing their German lunch. They all sit around the table and pray before the meal.

Time Check; 17:56 Kat and Sol share a delicious pasta for dinner in Suite 501 as the rest  share their culturally themed meal.

Time check; 18:26 The Housemates all gather round after eating and decide to play a game of charades with MK and Lexi getting things going.

Time Check; 19:07 Kat seems to be taking to salsa like a duxk to water but the rambunctious Sol keeps on tripping over his own feet when staring into the beautiful Kitty-Kat’s eyes. Focus Sol, focus

Time Check; 19:11 Another task briefing the Housemates  are to prepare a traditional Spanish dinner and there is nothing quite as Spanish as the delicious paella.

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