Sunday, July 21 2024
Chelsea and Mbali were called into the diary room and Biggie showed them what they had won thanks to Sibu and Matthias. They won R10 000.00 each, but there was a twist. They had to choose if they were to accept the  R10 000.00 the entire house would have to live on meal replacements “protein shakes” for the next four days. 
They had a quick consultation in the diary room and wasted no time in accepting the offer. Biggie kept them in the diary room while Biggie sent his Ninjas into the house to lock all the fridge and all the cupboards. They had to wait for Biggie to tell them to go back into the house to break the news to the rest of the housemates. 
Biggie knew that it would be tough for the housemates and would offer special meals from time to time during the four days. Chelsea and Mbali were R10 000.00 richer but at what cost?

Mathias and Sibu get the gate


Sibu and Matt celebrated when Ex and Lebo, left for R50 000 each, and they leave empty handed!

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