Monday, April 22 2024

Right off the bat, Big Brother Mzansi came in with a twist: the Housemates have been barred from telling each other their names. They also are not wearing the usual name tagsBig brother mzansi housematesthat identify them for the audience. Of course, this means that viewers are feeling a little bit confused as to who’s who, but they’re still better off than the Housemates. After all, we were treated to introductions during the launch, while they had no such luck.

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We still need to see how this plays out: traditionally, Mondays are Nomination days. How do you Nominate somebody without knowing their name? Do you worry that you might Nominate the wrong person, or that you might be Nominated by mistake? Of course, they might be hoping that there will be no Nominations at all, but that might be a bit optimistic – Big Brother Mzansi is known for throwing all sorts of obstacles at the Housemates.

It’s still early days, and we have no idea what plans Biggie might have in store, or how long he plans to keep them in the dark. We’ll just have to keep watching.


Day 1: Housemates getting to know each other


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