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The curtain has been drawn and the Top 5 Housemates have taken their final bow during their Thursday Night Presentation.

After a laborious week of putting together synchronised choreography for their gumboot dance, the Housemates tried their best to keep their rhythm and stay on beat. Between the dancing and the storytelling, we think Biggie was more impressed with the stories but giving credit where it’s due the Top 5 housemates have truly learnt a lot more than we thought.

One by one they gave us the gist of their experience and journey in Biggie’s House. Thankfully their leading chant always kept us anticipating what the first Housemate would talk about.

Their first time on the beke le beke journey

The excitement seemed to be the common sentiment they share about entering Biggie’s House. To be honest, we totally understand, Biggie narrowed it down to just 20 of the best and that is just part of the thrill. Although their experiences were diverse one thing that stood out in their stories is how Thato’s vibe carried the House as she banged and played some beats on a tabletop while hyping up all the other Housemates. If anything, we think this hype master gave us all the fun and interesting energies we needed to set the tone for their first night in the House. The most notable however is Mphowabdimo and how she entered the House with Libo and Themba, well, here they are now in the Top 5 together and it seems the gents could help but notice her the moment they stepped in together.

Their lowest point

It’s never easy to be so vulnerable and vocalise the lowlights of their time but the Housemates wore their hearts on their sleeves tonight. Libo shared about his time as Biggie’s prankster, how difficult it was for him to recover from the Secret Task when some Housemates took it personally. Although he had to face the rest of House, we think the House has tried to put it past them. After all, he was just a messenger.

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Their highest point

Housemates beautifully shared some interesting details about their highlights, but Themba shared his transition from being Voted as the HoH to winning the Head of House title. Themba has had one of the most interesting game plays with the most consistent wins. It’s a great feeling to be trusted by many of the Housemates to lead Biggie’s House but to win the HoH Games and the Ultimate Veto Power in a game of luck says a lot about his Beke le beke highlight.

The secrets

It makes sense that some Housemates gave context to the 4422, their first crushes in the House and all but Tulz had a vendetta against Terry, especially with the rack of ribs she had in the fridge. His secret is that he stole the ribs and enjoyed them with Gash1 and Libo. While the accomplices agree that they are delicious the story seemed much deeper than we expected. Tulz eating the ribs was more about settling scores on his food that went missing in the House. We guess revenge is best served cold or in this instance the rack of ribs.

The last week of their beke le beke journey

Sometimes loneliness does come so fast, one never sees it coming but being in Biggie’s home, it’s often normal to expect the unexpected. Gash1 showed how he’s been struggling to be away from Thato given her Eviction this past Sunday. Whatever connection these two have forged is something interesting perhaps an activity most certain for “after school activities.”

That said, their journeys have all been so diverse making each experience as unique as it comes in every essence of the word. This presentation culminated final bow, and thanks to Biggie’s instructions – the curtains have officially been closed and the Housemates have taken their final bow. Congratulations to the Top 5 for winning their last Wager Task Presentation.


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