Sunday, April 21 2024

wrap upIt’s not a secret that the official winner of Big Brother Mzansi Secrets season one is Mandla. When the last Evictions were announced Mandla went to his bungle and did what the boy does most spectacularly and that is; strip down to his bare undies and get comfortable.

Then beauty queen Iris was summoned from the Vault back into the House. The House was much too quiet and she could swear she heard her beloved Kat’s heels clunking about. Little did they know that a winner was among them.

When Lungsta interrupted them and informed them that, not only were they the Finale two but they had made it to the sweet end. The scent of a million was fast filling the air.

Mandla could not be held back as he ran about the stage saluting his fans and reveling in his win the only way a new millionaire can. The Housemates flung their arms around his, congratulating him on his win.

Ever the humble guy from around the way his gratitude and humility just warmed our hearts. In the words of Big Brother himself, Mandla simple approach and wide smile brought him here and we wish him all the best.

After opening our hearts and homes to all eighteen Housemates it’s hard to believe that it’s all over. No more drama to cringe over, no more star-crossed lovers to obsess over, no more Sol of the House antics to shake our heads at, nothing.

With a kicking performance by Dr. Malinga to sign us out, the Big Brother Mzansi Finale came to a climactic end. We indeed had our winner.

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