Friday, July 19 2024

The much anticipated Saturday night party finally went down and it was everything you’d expect and more! With great music thumping and alcohol on tap, the housemates danced their stresses away and made the most of the treat from Biggie.

With turning all the way up as the name of the game, the housemates made the night even more special and hilarious with a few unexpected moments. Khali andKay showed their scheming side when they both slipped away from the party to hide away some booze they’d stolen from the fridge. The night got even funnier when, in the middle of busting a dance move, Lebo’s wig slipped off her head and went flying to the floor!
Eventually Biggie called it a night and wrapped up the celebrations but the housemates weren’t quite ready to end the fun times just yet. After pillaging the Shap Shap fridge, the housemates took the party in doors and things went from 0 to 100 real quick!
Perhaps fuelled by the liquor, Tembi and Khali passionately made out in the kitchen then Uncle Gino lit up the living room when he treated the girls to a strip tease act where he went full monty!
The evening proved to be a great one for the housemates however some of them couldn’t shake the unease of believing that one of the pairs would be going home in a few hours. Definitely a bitter sweet night!

Day 6: Kay good at stealing


Pumba and Lebo seem to have chemistry

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