Saturday, April 20 2024
While we were still waving the gorgeous Thando a hearty farewell, Big Brother popped in a little twist and turn into Lungster ear. Tonight it was going to be a Double Eviction. That’s right, a second Housemate would be leaving tonight. It was as if he knew someone else was leaving as he shouted out “Evict us!”. Mzamo it was to be the second Evicted Housemate tonight.

After being Head of House for many times, Mzamo had also come with a plan and few tricks up his sleeve. He has actually been a very strong contender and many were convinced that he would at list make it to the finale as one of the top five finalists.

While he sat with his legs crossed like the lady he is, in the Party Room alongside confidante Thando, nemesis Sol and competition Loko, he didn’t quite expect to be sent off so soon after Thando.

Surely Mzamo is a very focused dude and he has always had his eye on the prize, always using the platform to further his talent, whether as a presenter, fashionista or the resident Agony Aunt come Dr Phil type.

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