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According to Nale, people are falling in love everywhere, she says it is making her feel lonely but she blames herself for turning down many advances in the House since love was not part of her gameplay.

Nominated Housemates reveal how the BBMzansi House is anticipating fundamental changes under the Gash1 regime and the tensions are just getting started.

With Gash1 in power as the new HoH, the dynamics in the House have shifted drastically and the Nominated Housemates have shared their insight into his leadership, what they think about him and why they think they are up for possible Eviction.

Nale says something is in the air in Biggie’s House – people are falling in love everywhere, but are they really in love? She says it is making her feel lonely but she blames herself for turning down many advances in the House since love was not part of her gameplay. She says her scuffle with Gash1 is one thing she is certain landed her on the chopping block. “Not a lot of people like Gash1, he needed that position” Nale adds that she’s enjoying him as HoH more than Sis Tamara’s reign. Nale thinks the new responsibility has come with a new side to Gash1 with less provocative comments – he is calmer – are we witnessing the dawn of a new Gash1? Who knows? We are here for this tea!

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Thato was the first Housemate to be called in for her Nominations Diary Session. In there, she revealed that she expected to be Nominated but was clearly affected by being in such a tough space. She further says the vibe in the House is ‘up there as there’s joy and laughter.  “I love love and I love acting”. When it comes to the Wager Task, she thinks they are taking too long in deciding what to do which is worrying for her. Thato believes Gash1 is undermined in the House because he is a joker. She finds him kind and very helpful around the House.


Libo does not want Gash1 to be HoH again. He feels like things are tense between them because of Gash1’s strategy. Although it’s unclear what strategy he is playing at Libo says his game is impacting him because he has painted a bad image of him to Mphowabadimo. Therefore, he is certain that Gash1 Nominated him although he does not know for sure he can feel the tension between them after he confronted him about bad-mouthing him.

Zino says he is not as nervous about this week’s Nominations. He says he’s trying to not let it not affect his game. To make it through the week he says he’s going to be himself and just carry on like nothing happened. He feels like Gash1 Nominated him and he expected it after Libo shared with him that Gash1 has a target on him before the Nominations round. On Gash1’s leadership, he thinks it’s too early to say anything about his style. But judging from the apparent food issues in the House, he says Gash1 is part of the 02:00 squad that waits for everyone to sleep and they get food from the House which is making food issues tense – Gash1 is asking to separate the meats in the House since he says he does not smoke and drink like the other Housemates.

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Venus thinks Gash1 winning the HoH title worked to her advantage. She feels he has not been in good space with most Housemates as he “word vomits” a lot which makes things awkward and tense around him. She pointed to Housemates feeling very irritable that he won – which makes us wonder if this may sabotage his reign by making it difficult to lead the House?

B.U. says the Monday Nominations felt like a rollercoaster moment. He believes he’s learning that Gash1’s greetings and presence around him are a façade. He’s now grateful for the Housemates who pulled him aside and made him aware of Gash1 being two-faced. He says he didn’t expect to be invited to the HoH bedroom. B.U. thinks Gash1 has chosen three people in the House that are in relationships to shake things up and scatter the ships. When it came down to the food issues, B.U. says Gash1 is the cause of food woes because he eats a lot in the House. He thinks some Housemates might match his energy and start behaving as he does around food – seems like it will be back to the basics sooner than we think.

Vyno seems to believe that the Housemates will win the wager more than he believes in Gash1’s rule. From the way he has been observing the House, he feels like the House does not feel like he is Head of House. He adds that he doesn’t have a presence that commands the House to order. He is not acting differently in any way – he suggested that nobody is excited about his reign and Gash1 is an unpredictable character.

Love is not the only thing in the air and we think it’s the Gash1 regime that is shaking the House. Housemates are feeling it but how long will they hold out before confrontations become apparent and food woes lead to more frustrations. Although it is still early to say, we hope to see some interesting shifts in this House and fingers crossed another Wager Task Win.



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