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Venus is having trust issues with BU

As somebody who has been part of relationship speculation, Venus was asked directly about her situation with BU. “I was openminded when I got here, but – just looking at the dynamics – it just becomes such an uncomfortable situation.” On the subject of BU specifically, she said, “I’m not sure I really trust him. He’s a slick talker, and I don’t really trust people like that.”

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We recall last week Venus confronted BU seeking clarity of BU’s relationship with Yoli and Acacia.

So – unless there are some drastic changes – that puts paid to that.

What BU says about it

While we already heard from Venus that she doesn’t entirely trust him, BU thinks that might stem from the fact that “her past relationships with people have not been the easiest. I’ve been trying to get to know her, and she’s been running away.” He then went on to say that “she’s worth the wait.”

Which sounds sweet, sure, but – when women “run away,” stop chasing them, maybe?


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