Friday, July 19 2024

Biggie asked housemates how they felt about Ex and Lebo leaving the house and taking the money. Most of the housemates thought they made a rash decision, but some thought it was a strong move. They did not blame Lebo for wanting to leave the game because there was no faith in their partnership and there was no other way they could win the game.  With Ex leaving, Pumba felt it was his fault for not swapping with him as if they did, he felt that he would still be around. He did think, though that he had made a good decision by not accepting his proposal.
Sibu and Matthias felt that they are strong contenders and seeing housemates leave the house was always a good thing, “friends or no friends” and if it were them on that stage, they would have not have taken the money because “fifty thousand was nothing.”  When asked who they would ally with in the house if opportunity was given, the “Powerpuff Girls” Chelsea and Mbali came out of their mouths.  They felt that they were a pair to look out for, even though they “can make you laugh but you never know what they are thinking.”  Ace could not understand why people saw him as a threat because he had not pulled out his guns and needed to not be scared.

Housemates are feeling the pressure. Some are not happy with K2 and Blue winning immunity and the HoH challenge and felt that they could be on the chopping block.  The newly appointed HoH felt that they were doing what they came to do and that was to win the money and boost their careers.  K2 told biggie that, housemates should “play the game with love and excitement” and should respect each other and maybe they might learn something from him.
Housemates are cracking up and realised the game had begun.


Day 8: K2 and Blue on some power trip


Day 8: Two pairs face the dagger this week

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