Monday, April 22 2024
It was the first nominations show and housemates gathered in the lounge to hear who would be nominated and be up for possible eviction and tension brewed amongst them. Biggie announced nominated housemates and they were, Gino and Tiffini and when Biggie revealed Sibu and Matthias, housemates were all surprised.
Biggie asked K2 and Blue to stand so they can save and replace and if they didn’t, they would be up for eviction.  With so much surprise, they saved Tiffini and Gino and replaced them with Bongi and Khali.  Bongi’s reaction was “it is what it is, it’s a make or break game and Khali stated that she was not really surprised with what happened tonight.
Sibu made fun of Gino and Tiffini being saved all the time and they discussed how difficult it was to become HoH. They also conversed about who might have nominated them and thought they were nominated because they are a threat.  Soxx was just happy they were safe and thanked his fans.
So who will be leaving the house on Sunday, Sibu and Matthias who believe the house without them would be boring or the newly dating couple?

Housemates not feeling happy


condom discovered underneath Sibu's linen

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