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top6What they said before the fame – or should we say before Big Brother Mzansi?

With Sol being on radio, Kat a former beauty queen, Mandla a spaza shop owner, Iris a model and WAG, Loko an artist promoter and princess, and MK a former regional table tennis team coach, our Finalists have been well known for a while.

It’s just that once someone steps into the big Brother House, they stop being well known and they become famous, popular, household names, you name it. Let’s stalk the Housemates and see what they did on social media before entering the Big Brother Mzansi House.

We really didn’t know that MK is such a soccer fan or fundi, as he refers to himself. What we also didn’t know is that he spotted an afro, or is it a perm? You be the judge. By the way MK, we really do like the hair! LOL-a!

Back on that soccer tip, we heard a bit of it when Emmet was in the House but it was not enough to label him a fanatic. His Tweets show that he’s a real fanatic.
Now this is taking it a bit too far though!
Sol’s always been one funny guy.
That was a very profound statement on love.
What about his buddy Mandla? What was on his mind then?
Before the fame, Sundays were for resting in Mandla’s world. For the past two months, it’s been a rat race on every day of the week.
Moving on to the ladies, HoH Loko has always just loved her fun. Need we say more? The lady has been ‘bumpin da likhwa’. She certainly deserved that award during Thursday’s Award Ceremony.
For someone who almost peed in her pants during the Bravery Task, who would have thought she has held a snake with her bare hands before?

So, this is what she was saying just before entering the House. Now, she misses her family like crazy. Such is life Loko!
Kat has just always loved attention. Can you even believe that she already called her Twitter followers ‘Cool Kats’?
Kat showed us red throughout her stay in the House. From Jase to Sol to MK then Emmet and lately, Mandla, she became quite the vixen. She told MK nine nine that she doesn’t take kindly to rejection. Looks like she had met an MK before.
Iris being the gorgeous babe she is, has a few exciting pictures doing the rounds on social media. Take a look at this:

These were Mandla’s last words on Facebook before stepping into the pressure cooker that is Big Brother Mzansi. No comment!

With that said, may the best Housemate win in tonight’s highly contested Finale. Very interesting Finalists we have. It’s really anyone’s game!


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