Monday, April 22 2024
Yesterday’s Live Show was probably one of the most nerve cracking so far because not only did we see two housemates getting evicted but also welcomed a new ‘housemate’ into the game, read on to find out more just in case you missed out on all the drama.

The show kicked off on a high note with one of the country’s top DJs; Gino Brown  spinning the decks, followed closely by the performance of Mocchachino Ochi, who performed ‘Body Language’.

After that grand kick off, it was time to reward Kat for her stunning efforts during the Friday Night games, she was told that thanks to her exploits, she would be pampered for four days in a Suite (501).

Apart from the VIP treatment she’ll be receiving, Kat will also not take part in any tasks or house chores. Meanwhile, since she was just whisked off through the Diary room, the housemates have mixed feelings about her whereabouts, some of them are actually thinking that she may either have been kidnapped or taken abroad, hmmm… Interesting!

HoH Loko shared with Lexi that she’s convinced that Kat is just next door and probably watching whatever they are doing. Then the time for the eviction came; Thando, Sol, Loko and Thando was told to leave the houseMzamo were summoned to the party room, while there, thus making her the first eviction victim of the night. She bade farewell to Loko and Mzamo but ignored Sol.

During her eviction interview, she regretted being part of the gossip and conspiracy gang but acknowledged that she had a wonderful time in Biggie’s house. Shortly after that, HoH Mzamo was also given the bad news that he also had to follow Thando out. While on the stage, he shared with host Lungile that he somehow saw it coming and had actually prepared himself for the moment.

After the pair’s eviction, Biggie still had a lot in store as always, he introduced a new ‘housemate’ to the game; Emmett, a former Big Brother Canada housemate, his mission is to confuse the housemates and make them believe that he’s also part of them.

In brief, that’s what went down yesterday, as for today, housemates will be taking part in the last nominations of the season, who do you think will join Kat and Loko in the finale?

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Welcome Emmett to Big Brother Mzansi


Who'll join Kat & Loko in the Finale?

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