Tuesday, April 16 2024
Big Brother Mzansi – After a rather tense diary session with her brother Gino, Tiffini needed a shoulder to cry on and she found one in Chelsea. The two girls took to ‘the mansion’, the upstairs bedroom over the change rooms, where Tiffini didn’t hold back in sharing her struggles finding a healthy balance with her older brother in the house.
Chelsea lent a listening ear and shared her thoughts with Tiffini on how to best handle the situation however Tiffini wasn’t quite done yet. She revealed that her brother was still carrying the guilt from a dark past and alluded to how K2 had been free in sharing his own vices and how she believed it would liberate her brother if he shared his two.
After relieving the burden from her chest the gossip girls moved onto the matter of the missing cigarettes. Chelsea revealed she has let the matter go however Biggie had asked her to continue investigating the matter, which she continues to do.
While Tiffini might be feeling better after sharing with Chelsea, Gino had explicitly told her that if she told people their story he’d, “throw in the towel.”
Will Chelsea be able to keep the story to herself? What if Gino finds out Tiffini told some one, will he call it quits?

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