Friday, July 19 2024

Right after their diary session, K2 and Blue had a discussion about laying rules to housemates and how they would make it clear to all that they in charge and would not babysit anybody.  He also suggested to his partner that they should not disturb a working system and as a team in order to move forward, they should both agree on something and try their best to avoid disagreements. Blue said they cannot please everyone but should make sure they are fair and their plan is to please the majority in the house.
Power hungry K2 told Blue that they are wearing their crowns and not realizing that, so they should make sure that everyone in the house knows that their intentions are to lead and not to lead together.  He reminded blue that things will happen, whether its alcohol missing and that will not be their problem.
The pair agreed on stirring things up when the house is and should not do it for unnecessary reasons. If housemates have relationship problems, they would not get involved unless couples want them to.
Some problems would be discussed over a round table, “snitch” if they want to but they can all discuss is as a collective as to what punishment will be given to an offender.
Seems like K2 and Blue have their game planned and willing to take it to another level.


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