Friday, July 19 2024
Whoever has been doubting the fact that former Big brother Mzansi Double Trouble Lover birds called it quits, get it directly from the Duchess “Its Over!”.

K2 and Blue Mbombo met in the Big Brother Mzansi house, got madly in love and promised not to leave each other. At that time, Blue dropped her long-time Botswana Blesser and surrendered the BMW that he had bought her. The two became the most successful and loved housemates after they left the house.

Everything was fine until after Durban July when fans started questioning about the Pics of two lover-birds. Its around this time that speculations and Rumors broke that the two had called it quits. Fans could not believe the rumours stating that they were aimed at bringing the Royal kingdom Down. 

Moments that followed, Blue posted a photo while she was in a club with “monied” guys and her friends, in what looked like a 2 by 2 night out. She was also seen with a guy at a club holding her waist, dancing. K2 also posted a pic with a yellow chick, Royals became defensive and argued that it’s a doll.

After all this, Blue felt it was necessary to speak out to the public about her relationship status with the Lepera hit maker,
In a lengthy facebook Post today afternoon, blue said. “There has been a lot of questions, assumptions, confusion even insults regarding my relationship with K2.
Truth is…relationships are difficult, no relationship is really perfect, it’s even harder when it’s a public one.
Katlego and I are no longer together. has been months now. However we still support and respect each other.
I will forever be thankful for your love and support, and would humbly ask you to respect our decision and let us deal with this issue on our own.

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