Tuesday, April 16 2024

bikiniEver since the Kat left for Suite 501, her bestie Loko seems to have found a friend and confidante in Lexi, this comes at a time when the two (Loko and Lexi) weren’t the best of friends especially when Kat was still in the house but it seems now that she’s away, Loko felt she needed a new friend and that’s Lexi!

The two are lately seen dancing, joking, eating, playing and enjoying the Jacuzzi together. While at the Jacuzzi yesterday, the two ladies who were clad in their hot bikinis, pulled off killer looks.

They had differences in the past but it’s now clear that all that is behind them and have decided to enjoy these remaining few days in Biggie’s space.

Meanwhile, Kat who had a strong bond with Loko prior to her move to Suite 501 seemed to be the jealous type because she’d complain whenever Loko spent so much time with other housemates including her boo Poolie. And now that tables have turned, looks like Kat wont like the sight of Loko and Lexi showcasing their bromance, but we shall wait and see how she takes it as soon as she return to the house.

-By-Bigg Mzansi

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  1. Characters like kat, thando, mzamo and iris should never be in biggy's house they cause strife. they have no joy and spread their bitterness to all people in the house. Loko and Lexi have always liked each other but were disturbed by the gossipers. Thank you biggy for this week, the house was happier. Only emmit and iris were boring.

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