Wednesday, April 10 2024

Let’s take a look at the positive reactions that we have seen on socials from the Housemates’ fans. These reactions, in our eyes, have cemented them as Big Brother Mzansifashionistas.


Themba has become a style icon in his own right since stepping inside Biggie’s House. Whether he rocks up in plain black pants and a beautifully studded biker jacket or simply shorts and a T-shirt, the guy is the gift that keeps on giving.

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Yes, Gash1 went from being topless almost daily to making it on the list of fashionistas. Now this is the gentleman who has his suit game on point and the fit is just right.  Even though the fans think that Gash1’s style is too formal and makes him look uptight, we have concluded that he looks dapper.


While opting for a more streetwear kind of look, Norman has definitely come out to play. Norman has shown us daily that when it comes to fashion he means business. The guy always looks crisp and sharp.

Sis Tamara

Since entering the House, Sis Tamara’s fashion sense is fearless, turning heads and getting tongues wagging. Sis Tamara is one person that never drops the ball when it comes to dressing up and the vibe is always right.

Keep making Biggie’s House your personal stage Housemates, all eyes are on you!


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