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live feedTime Check; 08:00 We have reached the final day of this Season of Big Brother Mzansi, where one Housemate will walk away with the big prize of 1 million. Question is, who is it going to be?

Time Check; 08:32 Wakey, wakey Housemates. Today is the day and the end is near.

Time Check; 08:45 How are you feeling today Mzansi? Do you think you have voted enough for your favourite Housemate. The one that you feel should walk away with the million rands this Season of Big Brother Mzansi?

Time Check; 9:00 Iris, from the Chamber to the House and who has definitely stood the test of time. She needs your support!

Time Check; 09:10 Can you believe that today is the last day of Big Brother Mzansi? What are your thoughts?

Time Check; 9:15 Loko, the wild child is definitely the most competitive of the girls having fought and won over Head of House twice. She needs your support!

Time Check; 09:31 The Housemates are getting their hair done. Out with the old hairstyles and in with the new ones (especially the girls). Don’t we just love it when they get pimped up? Just wondering how they will be looking after.

Time Check; 09:40 Last’s night party, well the last Big Brother Mzansi party was the bomb! The Top six finalists were at it again as usual. ‘Likwa’ and music was bumped of course and the Housemates were looking snazzy

Time Check; 10:00 Talkative Sol of the House, who never loses out on the opportunity to express himself. Fun is what he is all about.

Time Check; 10:19 Is there any guy in the House who can say no to polygamy? Hmmm… Not the MK, Mandla or Sol we know. They don’t mind polygamy at all. Well, they are guys after all.

Time Check; 10:19 Is there any guy in the House who can say no to polygamy? Hmmm… Not the MK, Mandla or Sol we know. They don’t mind polygamy at all. Well, they are guys after all.

Time Check; 10:42 Are you looking forward to tonight’s show? You should be hey because Big Brother Mzansi has just the perfect entertainment in-store for your eyes only.

Time Check; 11:05 Taking it easy. Our Housemates are all chilled and relaxed. Can we say it again? Yeah, they are cruising all the way to tonight’s Final Show. It will be happening and one Housemate will take it all. The Big Brother Mzansi crown and the cash prize. Wow!

Time Check; 11:20 Mandla the funny guy, has been nothing short of entertainment. He always had something up his sleeves for Mzansi to see.

Time Check; 12:05 Kat, what a stunner! This was the girl that ran Game and did it independently. Love her or hate her, that’s how she preferred playing her game.

Time Check; 12:34 Only a few hours left and the truth will be known by the rest of Mzansi. Someone will take the Big Brother Mzansi cash prize.

Time check; 12:39 The finalists are instructed to go to the garden and remain there until further notice.

Time Check; 12:48 MK the man of reason has shown that he is a ladies man. Who could forget his generous and caring character?

Time Check; 13:01 The Housemates are shopping for groceries online. Should we now get confused Biggie? Shopping on the last day?

Time Check; 13:46 Iris and Sol are pondering over what they think will happen on Big Brother Mzansi. Sol suspects that today could be the final day. Iris thinks that only one Housemate is leaving and also thinks they are very far from the final day.

Time Check; 14:00 It’s all about our Finalists today, who are of course the Top six Housemates remaining in the Big Brother Mzansi House. We still continue the conversation about the best moments experienced in the House from Day 1 till this day, which is Day 63

Time Check; 14:07  Will all Housemates please pack their bags”, Biggie tells the Housemates. It’s that time to get packing and this time it’s permanent. No return.

Time Check; 14:35 Sol’s strong intuition. We wonder how he will react when he finds out that he was right about today.

Time Check; 15:43 Kitty-Kat takes a nap… she’ll need it. Sleeping beauty

Time Check; 16:23 Sol and Iris have become awfully close since yesterday. Altogether now, hmmmmm

Time Check; 17:15 It’s Eviction Diary time. Iris is the first in. She thanks her fans for voting for her “I love my fans. Thank you for everything, guys”.

Time Check; 17:25 Kat enters the Diary Room with a stuffed bunny called Kataleah. “She’s nervous, but I’m not,” she tells Biggie.

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