Sunday, April 21 2024
It’s been quite an eventful run for Blue and K2. Having walked in to the game as perfect strangers it was interesting to see that not only had they won the most challenges and rewards out of any other pair, they were now also falling for one another.
And no matter how much she tried to fight it, Blue’s feelings for K2 were getting stronger by the day.  
This week it was Blue’s turn to ‘catch feelings’. While she had always held an upper hand when K2 professed his love for her. For her, he was too emotional for this game. But this was in the beginning.
They say shared experiences bring people closer together and Blue could no longer hide that a romantic bond had been formed between her and her partner

FUNNY MOMENTS!!! Ntombi spotted in a male shoe


Do you Know why K2 doesnt want talk to Blue of late?

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