Saturday, April 20 2024

Fame always comes with a price but usually hatred is the end result in most scenarios. When K2 and Blue had just joined the house, no one had the courage to write or follow what they were up to, as time went on and as they continued to pick support from the audience, different stories came into publicity, including that of her ex-boyfriend.

Speaking to Gareth Cliff on Cliff Central on Monday morning, Blue addressed a story that was published in Sunday Sun a few weeks ago. She told Gareth: “Some journalist wrote that I’m cheating on K2 with some businessman in Botswana who bought me a car...”

Blue said she doesn’t like the fact that people don’t see how hard she’s been working. “I got myself where I am right now, I got myself a bursary for three years. I studied, I graduated, received distinctions. On top of that, I used to work all these years I’ve been in Joburg, I’ve been working so hard. I’ve been modeling I’ve been doing other things. I guess it comes with fame…

K2 added that he and Blue have a good thing going. “I know that there are people who’ve been trying to break that down from the very beginning… Nothing is gonna break us. We’ve been through so much that no one knows us, no one knows enough about us to tell us what to do or dictate our future or break us, because we know ourselves better than anybody else knows us. That’s what keeps our strong character.


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