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There was lots of rising and plenty of shining this morning in the BBMzansi House as the Housemates stepped in the Arena ready to get their summer bodies in check. Luckily, Libo’s topless workout was nothing short of a serious body flex.

As we have come to know, the men in BBMzansi House aren’t afraid of a workout! Doorways, luggage – everything is fair game in their exercise regime. Libo, who’s turned fitness instructor, took the Housemates through their paces during a routine (and torturous) workout session that unfolded in the Arena.

bbmzansi 2022

The vibrant Libo, who we gather is a morning person, happily makes sure the House stays in check with its Fitness Sessions. However, it didn’t help that some Housemates like Nale, Tulz and Themba had a tough time keeping up. They had to get shredded via the soundtrack of their own laboured breathing and thumping hearts today!

big brother mzansi 2022

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Getting a head start! 

Although there are food woes in Biggie’s house, the Housemates still made time for a quick cereal breakfast as they cooled down from their military-style workout. They scattered around the House with some showering early to get started on their Wager Task preparations.

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They are highly motivated and ready to take on this challenge and we can’t wait to see if they will do well this time around.


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