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emmettTime Check; 08:10: Suite 501 occupants; Kat and Sol are pillow-talking.

Time Check; 08:32:  Sol advises that Poolie and Loko have to do all they can to make-up.

Time Check; 08:45: Did you miss out on Lexi peeing in the bottle and the rest of the drama from last night? Check it all out here.

Time Check; 09:30: Guest housemate Emmett is in the Diary room and he’s told that he’ll be going for a date with Kat! Can’t wait.

Time Check; 09:45: The Kat gets ready for her date with Emmett, it’s yet to happen but it already seems nice, what do you think?

Time Check; 10:18: Kat is becoming impatient, it’s clear she wants to get this done with already.

Time Check; 10:30: Emmett is in the Diary room and Biggie briefs him about the date, he’s supposed to be discreet about it to the rest of the housemates.

Time Check; 10:32: Biggie instructs Housemates to remain indoors until further notice, this is to help Emmett leave for his date without anyone noticing.

Time Check; 10:37: The wait is over as Emmett and Kat finally meet for their date! Emmett expresses his shock and reveals that he thought she had already left the game.

Time Check; 10:50: The date turns into a topic of discussion on Lexi’s game and antics.

Time Check; 11:00: Emmett shares with Kat that he enjoyed his date with Lexi and likes her straightforwardness.

Time Check; 11:30: Time is up for the date, as they bid farewell, Kat reminds not to tell anyone about their Secret date.

Time Check; 11:34: Kat settles in in Suite 501 and updates Sol about what they talked about with “the new guy” Emmett.

Time Check; 12:45: Mandla, Emmet, MK and Poolie are in the garden playing Croquet; A sport that involves hitting plastic or wooden balls with a mallet through hoops (often called “wickets”) embedded in a grass playing court.

Time Check; 13:45: Kat shares with Biggie during her Diary that she enjoyed the date with Emmett and thought that it should have gone on a little longer.

Time Check; 13:48: Kat is pleased that Emmett feels the same way about Lexi like her.

Time Check; 13:50: Kat continues that Sol was very jealous of her date with Emmett, stressing that she’s getting so much attention from him which feels will work to her advantage.

Time Check; 13:58: Sol shares with Biggie that he’s happy that he’s had the chance to massage Kat’s butt and hopes that she’s equally happy about it.

Time Check; 14:05: Sol thinks that Kat is into Emmett but stresses that he’s not going to focus on it.

Time Check; 14:39 In his Diary Session, Emmett tells Biggie that he also enjoyed his date with Kat. He feels that Kat knows how to play the game and that she knows her competition. He also added that it was really great to sit down with her and have discussions.

Time Check; 14:48 When asked about ‘what he will miss a lot about being in the House?’, Emmett says, it’s the first night that he will remember since he received a warm welcome from the Housemates. That for him was amazing.

Time Check; 14:51 Next in the Diary Room is HoH Loko, she tells Biggie that he will be impressed with their Task Presentation tonight.

Time Check; 15:00 MK tells Biggie that he has some unfinished business with Kat. We should give credit now, Kat is really doing her thing and she has all these man drooling over her. Just share the Secret girl!

Time Check; 15:15 Iris shares her sentiments about her squabble with Loko. “I don’t know how to react around her,” she says.

Time Check; 15:30 Lexi says she’s in a chirpy mood today and, her body language says it all.

Time Check; 16:00 Mandlexi curl up on the couch and just stare into each other’s eyes. Next they chat about scratching and whipping each other! Mhmmm TMI Mandla!

Time Check; 16:30 HoH Loko reads out the brief for tonight’s Task Presentation. Housemates will be taking Emmett on a taxi road trip around Mzansi

Time Check; 17:00 The Housemates start deliberating on their roles. One Housemate must be the tour guide, and that will be MK.

Time Check; 17:39 Welcome to another of Lexi’s Lexicon moments. This time around the oddball word is ‘paining’. Having never heard or read the word Mandla cried foul. So is this word an actual member or the English vocabulary or is it more a member of Lexi’s imagination? Paining is indeed a ‘real word’ which means; to be in or to cause pain. Well done Lexi!

Time Check; 17:51 The Housemates twist their tongues around the Spanish language for their Spanish speaking Task. Loko and Mandla shine

Time Check; 18:40 That awkward moment when Lexi claims a hairpin that Iris insists she brought from Witbank. Ladies, it’s just a hairpin, calm down

Time Check; 18:53 The Housemates take Emmett through some general world and South African knowledge.Loko explains that to be a millionaire in one country you have to be a millionaire throughout the world and their various currencies.

Time Check; 19:08 The Housemates are about to starts their Task Presentation. How do you think they’ll do? Take it to the twitter streets and let us know on #BBPresentation

Time Check; 19:15 It’s time for the Task Presentation! Let’s accompany Emmet on a tour of Mzansi. MK is the tour guide, Mandla is the taxi driver and the rest are tourists.

Time Check; 19:20 The tour arrives at the Big Brother Mzansi landmark. MK takes them through the significance of the maple leaf, the protea and symbol gold as a common metal between Canada and SA.

Time Check; 19:30 Biggie calls Kat to the Diary Room and informs her that her Suite 501 stay has come to an end. She has been directed to sit in the main House Diary room until further notice.

Time Check; 19:45 It’s judgment time and Big Brother announces that they have won the Wager.

Time Check; 19:46 Just as they rush to the Storeroom, Biggie announces; “Statue!” and that catches Emmett and MK in the middle of their high five. In the middle of that, Biggie announces that Emmet has to leave the House.

Time Check; 19:50 Still in their comatose state, Kat enters the House and shortly after her, Sol makes a loud entrance.

Time Check; 20:00 “Guys it was great having Emmett here, thanks Biggie!” Loko reads out a note from Emmett in the garden.

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-By-Bigg Mzansi

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What a Dramatic Night!


Emmett & Kat out for a Date!


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