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Lexi has been involved in almost as many Twitter wars and rants as our friends, AKA and Ntsiki Mazwai. And the outspoken TV star was again in fine form recently when she took to Twitter to rant about “celebs” who think they are better than everyone else.

The trouble started when Lexi returned from an event, where she apparently rubbed shoulders with a number of celebs she wasn’t exactly feeling.

In fact, it seems Lexi had a spicy run-in with TV star LootLove, who she accused of being “rude and aggressive”.

I actually love attending events and meeting ‘celebs’ but some of them are horrible PEOPLE

— Lexi with an ‘i’ (@van_lexi) October 14, 2016

You’re allowed to date & whatever/try &hide your ‘relationship’ from the media but it’s not ok to assume that EVERYONE wants to fuck ur guy

— Lexi with an ‘i’ (@van_lexi) October 14, 2016

So, @LootLove there was NO REASON to be rude or aggressive towards me,this morning. But it’s cool ✌

— Lexi with an ‘i’ (@van_lexi) October 14, 2016

If you’re in a situationship,don’t take it out on ME!!

— Lexi with an ‘i’ (@van_lexi) October 14, 2016


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