Monday, April 22 2024

solDuring today’s Dairy session, Sol told Biggie “Mandla and Kat will sleep together and they will kiss, if they haven’t already and Mandla will be left with an egg on his face”.

Sol told biggie that he was worried about Kat’s behaviour and that of his buddy, Mandla around her. “Mandla’s been cheering on Kat while she was cycling,” Sol confided in Big Brother. He added that Kat’s way with the men of the House was bothering him as it had now dawned on him that Kat could be just playing the game. “I don’t think she’s that loose. I think it comes from a very calculated place. She’s probably on a particular mission, which she has told you in the Diary room,” Sol added.

Iris came down hard on Lexi, saying she’s finally having a peaceful night’s sleep now that she’s out of the House. “I don’t have someone who will cause drama out of the blue, someone who will look at me cross-eyed,” she added.

It seems Lexi will always have a special place in her beau Mandla’s heart though. “I don’t think I’ll find anyone like her in here or outside the House,” he told Biggie. Though he enjoys the time that he’s been spending with Kat, Mandla said it would be unfair to compare the two ladies. “I don’t think I’ll be getting cosy with anyone any time soon,” he insisted.

Meanwhile, the feisty Kat is just happy to be sharing a bedroom with her ‘Mandels’, as she now refers to Mandla. “I call it the penthouse now,” Kat bragged. Without letting anything slip, Kat dwelled on filling Biggie in on one man that she loved and lost.

When Biggie brought up the subject of the alpha male and the alpha female; some of the confident Finalists referred to themselves while others pointed at the likes of Sol, Loko, MK and Iris.

Mandla: “Loko is more boyish than female but that doesn’t mean she can’t be alpha female. Iris is the female version of Sol, she’s very fun.”

Iris: “Between Sol and MK as they are both opinionated and controlling. I’m not sure between me and Loko because Kat is ‘chillaxed’. Loko is strong physically, we’re both loud and ratchet”.

MK: “Loko has that commanding demeanor. She’s tough, she’s strong and can be boyish and girlish when she likes”.

Kat: “The alpha male is definitely Sol. When he wasn’t here, the House was so quiet. The alpha female is myself. When I wasn’t here, people cracked. I am the link between Lokiris. Iris is the alpha female because she’s just as loud as Sol”.

These are the thoughts of your Finalists Mzansi and as the Finale draws nearer, paranoia sets in and MK even had a bad episode of sleepwalking last night. This also formed a significant part of today’s Diary sessions.


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