Friday, July 19 2024
Very few of BBM fans got the chance to know who the Big Brother Mzansi Double Trouble pair Ex Global and Lebo were since they left the house a bit earlier, in fact they were the first housemates to leave the house.  

A look back of how they left the house: 
Biggie gave Ex (HOH) simple instructions . Take your partner Lebo and leave the house through the Big Brother doors. The duo complied and the rest of the housemates were left wondering as to what would happen next.

After stage performances by Duncan and DJ Ngane, Lebo and Ex made their way onto the stage where Lungile showed them a briefcase full of money and made them a dramatic offer – to take the money and leave the show or to leave the money and take their chances in the game. They had to make the choice as a couple. Yes indeed, what a tough choice…and one which promptly got even harder when Lungile revealed the briefcase contained R 100 000!

With ninety seconds to choose, it was decision time. Lebo wanted to leave, Ex wanted to stay…so she tried to convince him, even getting the audience involved, as the clock counted down. Saying he’d take the money for Lebo, Ex confirmed the choice to take the money to Lungsta and then broke down in tears as Lebo tried to console him. But the deal was done and pretty soon, the twosome were smiling and exited the stage and the show!

After getting out of the house, ex embarked on his music carrier and has released numerous hits ever since he left the show. Today he made an update of his new video release. Here is what he said “Game face on , about to do the most again, thank God for my team and for the blessings from above
We wish him the best in his carrier

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