Wednesday, April 10 2024

lastA lot has happened as far as Big Brother Mzansi is concerned but the one thing that seems to stand out without a doubt is the relationships that housemates have formed over the past few weeks.

While some relationships seem to have a ‘future’ (so we swish), the others already seem rocky and we can’t be sure what will happen especially on the outside since the show winds up this Sunday.

We can’t deny about the fact that some of these relationships are beautiful but some couples have also had to call it quits for various circumstances.

Jase-Kat; this young couple sparked off during the early days of the show and all seemed to be good until we all got to know the real ‘Kat’, Jase’s evictions weeks ago didn’t also help matters and from the look of things, Kat has already moved on. However, we must confess that this couple was most definitely something to write home about.

Sol-Kat; this on and off pair have also shared some very nice moments together especially last week when Biggie decided to host them in Suite 501, but it seems in as much as Sol may be interested in Kat, she seems to be a woman on the move.

MK-Iris; this rather reserved couple have not had anything ‘official’ because MK has been ‘with’ Lola actually, the latter together with Iris have always referred to themselves as MK’s wives. MK and Iris in particular make a good couple and it seems Lolo’s boot in a way worked for Iris.

And how can we forget about Mandla-Lexi? These two formed the famous ‘Mandlexi’ couple and had been as close as Siamese twins until Lexi’s eviction last Sunday. But all the same, all looks good for them as Mandla has already clarified that he’s not willing to get cozy with anyone in the house, something that probably makes us think that he’s keeping his faith in Lexi.

Share with us, which is your best Mzansi couple?

-By-Bigg Mzansi 

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