Sunday, April 21 2024

buzzerThe Big Brother Mzansi finale took a dramatic turn when Live Show host Lungile summoned Iris and Kat to the Vault.

Amid confusion and panic written all over their faces, the two quickly took the secret passage behind the painting and headed into the Vault and awaited their fate. Big Brother then pulled a surprise, by giving the two an opportunity to play the Buzzer Game.

Iris and Kat quickly took their places behind their respective Lovers Plus podiums and prepared to play for up to R200 000. Big Brother was pretty clear about the rules of the game. “Should either of you press the buzzer before the allocated time has run out, you will Exit the Big Brother Game immediately with the amount of money you have stopped the counter on”.

The Buzzer Game is no doubt a difficult trade for Kat and Iris, who are both strong contenders for the R1 million. Hitting the buzzer automatically means they will no longer be contenders for the Big Brother Mzansi: Secrets grand prize and will instead Exit the game with their Buzzer Game winnings.

As soon as the timer started, the two nervous Finalists hovered their hands over the big red buttons, their hearts beating wildly. After holding out for close to a minute, Kat finally pressed the buzzer and won R101 562.

The last time any of the Housemates played the Buzzer Game was about two weeks ago, when Mandla and Thando were given the opportunity to Exit the game with up to R200 000 in their pockets. Unfortunately, Thando missed the buzzer by a few seconds and missed out on a quarter of a million. A week later, she was booted out of the game and left empty-handed. Congratulations to gorgeous Kitty Kat!

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