Sunday, April 21 2024

solDuring today’s dairy sessions, Biggie did some probing on who the reaning six housemates wuld like to see in the house with them after Sunday’s Live Show Evictions

Housemates were quick to answer who they wanted to keep them company but were flummoxed as to how many Housemates would be leaving on Sunday which led to many pregnant pauses and confused faces.

According to Sol, it’s the strongest contenders he wants out (read Iris and Mandla), did mention there were three strong contenders, the third being yours truly of course. “Is it the last week?” he asked, “I just don’t know”. He continued his extended answer saying that if were a viewer it would be Mandla he’d Vote for.

It was the strong contender Mandla who followed and he was equally stumped when Biggie asked the question. “I just don’t know how many people will be leaving, I am going to assume it’s one and if it is, I want Iris gone, I love her to death and it’s not personal but she’s strong, she leaves me feeling uncomfortable in the game”.

MK of course he wanted Iris to say, being his wife and all that jazz and of course, MK would not be MK if he didn’t have a bromance in the house, this being said, it was Sol he wanted by his side. But MK, just wanted to enjoy his time in the House, not get involved in politics.

The girls stuck together and considering it’s usually the girls that get their claws out first, there was no getting beyond the circle of sisterhood here, Kat, Loko and Iris wanted to cling to each other to the bitter end.

The final six are in for a big surprise and we are counting down the hours till Biggie whacks them with his biggest twist yet. How excited are you, Mzansi, let us know.

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  1. there is no fairness in this game,biggy and the other conspirers played Lexi out in this game,things never go in Lexis favor right from from day one,for me personally Lexi is the winner,the rest of the house mates are non sense except mandla,klaaaarrrr

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