Monday, April 22 2024

bedShe’s at it again! Kat is yet to give up on Mandla as earlier planned, remember when she disturbed ‘Mandlexi’s’ sleep a few days ago with her motive being to snatch Mandla under Lexi’s nose? Well, yesterday as the housemates settled in after a long Arena day, Mandla complained that he was having difficulties falling asleep and Kat was at hand suggesting that he should join her in her bed so she sings him a lullaby.

Mandla also didn’t hesitate and said that he would consider her offer after trying as hard as he could to sleep on his own. We all know how playful Kat is but this will surely not go down well with Lexi in case she’s able to catch up from the other side as well as Sol who for some good time now has been trying to hook her (Kat) up.

Since the eviction of Lexi, it seems it’s not been easy for Mandla to cope and such offers from the likes Kat are surely those that may be hard to turn down.

Being the final week, could we see another couple in Kat and Mandla coming up or will the latter stick to his guns and be faithful to Lexi?

-By-Bigg Mzansi 

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