Saturday, July 20 2024
Before housemates started with their shopping, Khali complained about someone who drank her soya milk out of the bottle and there was lipstick on it.  Because her shoes were too big, Chelsea told housemates not to look at her because she did not drink the milk.  Mbali said housemates should respect each other’s items and that if someone wants something, they should ask.

Whether they shopping or just chilling, housemates always have drama and they fought over who will buy want and Kay got tired of people not taking her seriously when she has a point to raise.

Egotistical Matthias tells Sibu that he won’t do anything in the kitchen next week.  How does he know he will be around when he is up for eviction?  We wonder if the luxury budget will keep the housemates happy or will they have to survive on beans and rice.  On top of Bexx and Soxx’s list was alcohol and really are doing what they said they came in the house for, alcohol and food and it’s not a surprise.

Seemed like housemates haven’t learnt what works and what doesn’t work in a shared living environment and they still needed to know that there are specific things they need to make part of their routine.
Will it be feast or food crisis for our housemates this coming week?

What a massive night yesterday was!!!


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