Sunday, April 21 2024
The battle lines are drawn and it’s all systems go for tonight’s task presentation as two equally capable teams have been selected.
Though there was a slight hiccup between Tembi and Tiffini around the choice of production their team would be working on, the rest of the housemates were doing fine.
Biggie tasked the head students, Blue and K2 to split the house into two teams and choose individuals to be part of their teams.
Mbali Tembi
Sibu Tiffini
Khali Adams
Bexx Matthias
Gino Soxx
Pumba Ace
Ntombi Chelsea
Bongi Kay
Each team was to have a name and is required to stage a production. Big Brother gave the schoolmates some options; Romeo and Juliet, Little red Riding Hood, The 3 Little Pigs or their own rendition of a musical taking place in a school setting. Blue’s team seems set on Little Red Riding Hood while K2’s team had shown interest in the Mzansi favourite musical, Sarafina.
However, Tiffini was not happy with doing Sarafina because she didn’t find it befitting for her. Tembi and the rest of K2’s team did not take kindly to Tiffini’s insinuation and all hell broke loose. A war of words ensued between Tembi and Tiffini, which made their leader K2 very uncomfortable because he was worried about the 100 percent wager.
Well, the team eventually settled for their own rendition of Romeo & Juliet, Qomeo & Juju.
Meanwhile, Biggie announced that there would also be a graduation ceremony where the head prefects will act as chancellors and have the opportunity to say a few words about each team member’s contribution to the presentation.
The chancellor will also cap each member of the team, one at a time and give that schoolmate the opportunity to sat a few words.
Which team will do best in the final challenge?
SibuMatthiasBongi and Khali are up for eviction this week. Vote here to save your favourite housemate.

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