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Acacia and Yoli are starting to get real in Biggie’s House

True colours

Acacia and Yoli’s true colours are starting to come out and maybe a little too strong. Both the ladies come across as bullies. Furthermore, Acacia is starting to get on Nale’s nerves. Do we foresee trouble in Biggie’s House? We guess only time will tell, and we have plenty of it.

Strategy unleashed!

Themba is on strategy mode and he has his eyes on the Housemates as he feels that some of them are not entirely honest. Could he be right? We will give you the freedom to decide.

The ‘underground gang’

Mphowabadimo gave Libo an impromptu reading by connecting to his ancestors and passing on a message from his great-grandfather. Abaphansi bavumile for sure.

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Vulnerabilities and insecurities

As much as we might hate to admit this, we all have insecurities and so is the case with Norman. He shared an honest and vulnerable moment about his insecurities. Norman can’t have kids and he thought that it was all because of the size of his pen!s.

It’s getting hot!

The Housemates broke into small groups and shared some very steamy opinions about s3x and p0-rn. Could hormones be raging already?

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