Saturday, July 20 2024
As promised it’s time for the second launch here on Big Brother’s famous stage. Last night we saw couples from various walks of life claim their stake at the game of pairs during the first launch of Big Brother Mzansi; Double Trouble.
Tonight brought with it double the housemates, double the pairs and as you know, double the trouble. Back to take us through this sizzling twist was our charming host Lungile looking ever so dapper.
The guests of honour – all perfect strangers to one another – were ten and they were the new housemates. Biggie was to send ten more housemates inside to join the five sitting couples we met last night.
Just to throw the old spanner in the works, Biggie was going to set the new housemates into couples in a pairing game that gave them very little time to choose a partner in the game.
Here’s how the game worked: On screen a selection wheel lands on the name of the lucky housemate who gets to go first. He or she will get the rare opportunity to pick two housemates out of nine from a photo grid.
Biggie then plays short clips of each option from which the housemate must pick one. Once selections are made the newly formed pair is whisked off into the Big Brother house.
With two million bucks at stake, their choices were going to be costly

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