Thursday, July 18 2024
So all’s well that ends well. Or at least we hope so. With Lebo and Ex the fallen soldiers, some housemates naturally reminisce about the pair both together and as individuals.
Matched up randomly and first to win Head of House the week dealt the couple quite a tumultuous, eventful blow. Ex was quite the fire-cracker, some might evencall him a jerk but he wasn’t too hardened to shed a tear. Take one for the team he did during last night’s live show when he agreed to take Biggie’s offer of a R100,000.
After a mandatory round of nominations, all real this time, housemates took a look back at the thrills and tribulations of the star-crossed couple.
Last night’s Shap Shap party was a riot but who could forget Lebo’s wiggly-wig moment. Her sizzle and swag went all pear shape when her hairpiece came tumbling down. After laughing up a right storm at least housemates were there to give her moral support. Today they just had to laugh about it. Who knew she wore a wig?
Tembi asserted that the girl was made of steel after the kind of week she had been through, with Ex publicly and controversially denouncing her as a partner.
Ex had also charmed the pants of Tiffini who admitted he was her type. The only problem was that he wanted both her and Bexx. With her and Bexx at his sides he announced that he was a polygamist but was he really that into her?
While the housemates didn’t see their exit coming they applauded them for being brave enough to bag the cash and run off into the sunset. 

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