Saturday, April 13 2024
Former Big Brother Mzansi contestant, Lexi van Niekerk has never been one to shy away from the camera.

The reality TV star recently made news for having a heated twar with former bestie, Lisa Matsolo after an altercation on her being too close to Lexi’s boyfriend Mandla, feeding him with unnecessary information about her as well as flirting with Mandla.

Fast forward to September, Lexi is trending, but for something different.

While celebrities across SA welcomed spring by sharing pictures of themselves in floral wear or surrounded by flowers, Lexi took to Instagram to share a picture of herself… half-clad.

Coincidentally, she was highlighting the app’s new zoom feature.

Guess what people zoomed in on…


"Don't be fooled by my pretty face, I am a beast"- Lexi on Twitter haters.


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